• Sayretsu (Say-re-tsu) - Class is called to line up by the instructor
  • Kioske (Key-oh-skay) - Class is called to formal attention
  • Seiza (Say-zah) - Kneeling Position
  • Mokuso (Mock-sew) - Meditation: close eyes, clear the mind, relax
  • Dojo Kun (Dojo-coon) - Students recite the Dojo creed:
    • One, to strive for the perfection of character
    • One, to defend the path of truth
    • One, to foster the spirit of effort
    • One, to honor the principles of etiquette
    • One, to guard against impetuous courage

Opening AND Closing

  • Shomen ni Rei (Show-men knee ray) - Silent bow to the front, done out of respect for those students who have trained before
  • Sensei ni Rei (Sen-say knee ray) - Second bow to the front – done out of respect to the head instructor for the class
    • Opening - While bowed students say Sensei, Onegai Shimasu (Sen-say, oh-knee-guy she-mas), meaning “Teacher, teach us please.”
    • Closing - While bowed students say Sensei, Arigato Gozaimashita (Sen-say, ah-ree-ga-toe go-zie-ah-mas), meaning “Teacher, thank you very much.”

Teacher Titles

  • Hanshi (Han-she) - Chief Grandmaster Instructor
  • Kyoshi (Ki-o-she) - Grandmaster Instructor
  • Shihan (She-han) - Master Instructor
  • Renshi (Ren-she) - Senior Instructor (“Senior Trainer”)
  • Sensei (Sen-say) - Instructor (“One who went before”)
  • Sempai (Sem-pie) - Assistant Instructor (“Older sibling”)
  • Shidoin (She-doyn) - Apprentice Instructor