Class Schedule

We offer classes in the three styles of Karate-do

Shorin Ryu

Our primary style, a traditional Okinawan style founded by Choshin Chibana
Sat 9am: Karate Kids
Sat 9am: Beginners
Sat 10am: Intermediate
Sat 11am: Advanced
Wed 7pm: Intermediate/Advanced

Goju Ryu

Our secondary style, another traditional Okinawan style founded by Chojun Miyagi
Sat 11am: Green Belt and above
Wed 8pm: Green Belt and above


The art of traditional Okinawan weapons
Sat 8am: Green belt and above, with permission

Karate Kids

“Karate Kids”, offered at 9am on Saturdays, is a program designed for children ages 5-10 using games and developmentally appropriate activities to promote fitness, introduce basic karate techniques and encourage character building. 

Each class is begun with a warm-up segment where children are given an opportunity to lead the class if they wish. The students are then assigned to small groups to work with an instructor who introduces and reinforces basic karate techniques using materials and equipment that make learning fun. Games such as Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, and the Noodle Game are utilized to further reinforce techniques.

Students who begin in the “Karate Kids” program are slowly transitioned into the regular beginner class based on their readiness.